Tyson Rhame – Lake and Ridge Aerobatics

July 16, 2018

This video filmed by Tyson Rhame in late winter in the high country of Wyoming flying an Extra 330LT (2 Person tandem seat aircraft) equipped with a smoke system.  The smoke oil system used in the aircraft uses a mineral oil with a paraffin base advertised to be clean and environmentally friendly and non-toxic.  Base elevations of the lake in the video is approximately 6,000 ft with surrounding cliffs climbing to 9000 ft.  The cold temperatures and negligible heat in the cockpit required full winter gear and a facemask.  I wore the “Blue Line” facemask out of respect for our law enforcement officers who often put their lives on the line to help others.  The video begins with a rear facing cockpit view from a Drift Innovations Ghost camera mounted forward of the rear cockpit.  The initial maneuver is a pull to the vertical with a vertical roll into a hammerhead which is clearly defined by the trailing smoke oil.  After the aircraft pivots back towards the lake, the video transitions to a tail view from 1 of 2 cameras mounted on the vertical stabilizer.  After the pullout, the video transitions to a rear-facing view from a camera mounted on the left wingtip of the aircraft.  From this view, you can clearly see the 2 Drift Innovation 4k cameras mounted on the vertical stabilizer as the plane performs 2 modified hammerhead maneuvers with vertical rolls followed by a 4 point roll and other rolls.  I use 2 cameras on the tail in order to obtain different video qualities including bitrates, Field of view, Frames per second, and other adjustments.  I also mount at least 2 cameras as a backup in case a bug hits one of the lenses or one of the cameras fails under the harsh flying conditions.  Following the rear-facing wing mounted camera view is a helmet mounted camera view facing forward that follows the movement of my head.  From this perspective, the camera records a sequence of rolls followed by 2 leafs of a cloverleaf maneuver in which you can see the aircraft cut through the smoke trail at 90 degrees.  At the 3 minute mark in this video, the aircraft begins a high speed decent (170-200kts) and approach to a spectacular cliff wall.  The video follows the decent along the wall to the valley floor below from different angles with rolls thrown in for good measure.  Flying close to a ridge like this is very challenging due to wind currents, visual illusions, birds, and  limited room for any mistakes.  To accomplish a flight like this requires tremendous years of training, experience, and planning.  Thanks for watching!

About Ty Rhame:

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivator, husband, and father Tyson Rhame is an active duty United States Air Force Reserves Lieutenant Colonel who has used his Air Force Academy education, military training, and astute business knowledge to create a wealth of success for himself. Ty Rhame Facebook, Ty Rhame Twitter, Ty Rhame YouTube, Tyson Rhame Tumblr, Tyson Rhame Blogger, and tyrhame.wordpress.com can all be used to view informational material and presentations directly from Tyson Rhame to assist entrepreneurs and cadets in their journeys to success as well as links to his business related philanthropy endeavors.

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